Yes I’m in the process of filing an application for loan forgiveness for a parent plus loan I’ve got all the info and the original denial letter from sallie Mae that said I wasn’t able to get this loan then was given one how in the hell does this happen. My son attended that ITT Tech school back in 2010. Do you think I will get some forgiveness for the institute falsely misrepresented my credit history?
Hello I was hoping that you can offer some advise. I have over 6 student loans from Great Lakes higher education which are both secured and unsecured totaling around 60K. I’m currently in school finishing a masters degree and really want to try to take care of this but I’m currently working off of one income with my child and things are really tight to pay the $600 being stated for repayment. I’m in the banking industry and my job is not offering any assistance in paying this back and I only make around $40K. Any advise is greatly appreciated, thank you for your time.
I did the same thing. Paid a company to get my student loans into a rehab program. 7 months and almost $500 later, I am still in the same situation and nothing is being done. Its always one excuse after another. Please don’t pay someone to do what you can do for free youself. I just wish there was some way to get back that lost time and money. Good luck!
I have an associate in nursing with student loans from a school that promised accreditation and never got it, so they changed the name and got accredited then. Whats frustrating to me is there are only limited places I am able to work for so many years due to them not being accredited. I have to pay these loans back, and I’m wondering what is the best option to do.
Subject to floor rate and may require the automatic payments be made from a checking or savings account with the lender. The rate reduction will be removed and the rate will be increased by 0.25% upon any cancellation or failed collection attempt of the automatic payment and will be suspended during any period of deferment or forbearance. As a result, during the forbearance or suspension period, and/or if the automatic payment is canceled, any increase will take the form of higher payments. The lowest advertised variable APR is only available for loan terms of 5 years and is reserved for applicants with FICO scores of at least 810.
She was told by the Dept of Ed that to find out what a “true” monthly payment would be she would need to drop out of the program she’s in, enroll in a “standard” program, get a payment plan, use a deferment to avoid making a payment, then re-enroll in the previous plan……. A typical gov’t agency approach to a situation, but completely idiotic…. and the needless killing of at least 3 trees in worhtless paperwork.
Hi, Thank you for compiling all of this valuable info into one place. Your website has answered a lot of my questions. I am 90 days past due & was advised to apply for an IBR by my borrower. My question is I should be approved for an $0 payment due to being unemployed. Should I file taxes at all, with my husband as a dependent or how can we handle the tax aspect so we can keep our heads above water?

I filed for divorce in October 2016, our divorce won’t be final for two months yet. Because I married a high wage earner I have been paying $632/mo. On IBR, before marriage my payment was $107/mo. Can I file married but separate? Would you know if I need my husbands permission? He of course wants the higher tax break to benefit his bottom line- this is a contentious divorce- he is difficult to negotiate with. However, I need to secure a lower payment, one that reflects my new income.

So i have about $65k in federal loans and $20k in private student loan debt. I have worked for a non-profit for over 9 years and I had hopes that I would qualify for student loan forgiveness after getting confirmation that my employer was a certified employer under the student loan forgiveness program. Well it turns out i’ve made over 10 years of payments and i was on the wrong payment plan and i also consolidated in 2016 so i have to start all over with the 120 payments. I don’t plan to work here for another 10 years so i am extremely disappointed i didn’t know this information earlier. I now switched to IBR and my payments are $0. It’s my understanding that under IBR your payments are forgiven after 25 years. So since i’ve made over 10 years of payments already (under another payment plan) does this count towards the 25 years or does it start all over since i just got on IBR? I guess i want to know when my 25 year mark would be.
Tim, thanks for doing what you do here. Any word on changes to the PSLF program, in lieu of the proposed $57K cap? I’m in the IBR program, working for a 501(c)3 nonprofit, and have been making qualifying payments for approximately six years – and I’m terrified that changes to the PSLF program will affect me. All my loans are federal. Also, I’ve been told by my loan servicer in the past that I don’t do anything “now” for PSLF, that I wait until closer to the end of the 10 years. Any insight into that?
Obama student loan forgiveness. There’s no such thing as “Obama student loan forgiveness.” However, some student “debt relief” companies use it as a catch-all term for free federal programs — which they charge to enroll borrowers in. If you encounter a company offering “Obama student loan forgiveness,” consider it a red flag. Enrolling in federal programs like income-based repayment and federal student loan consolidation is free to do on your own through the Department of Education.